Fortune Tellers, Psychics and Tarot Card Readers

Looking for a fun and authentic fortune teller or psychic for your next event?  Look no further!  Our sophisticated and fun style of intuitive readings combine just the right amount of mysticism and entertainment, making us a favorite at many types of events from corporate to publicity/marketing and private entertaining.  Our readers are skilled in Tarot, Palmistry,  Psychic, Intuitive health readings, Crystal Readings and more, offering accurate and impressively insightful information on anything from relationships to career, health, love and any other issue or question you can think up!   We aim to provide a positive approach to all readings, leaving guests excited, curious, energized and talking about it for months afterward! Our readings are sure to amaze and are a fun and unique approach to party entertaining.

Readings with Dina V.

dina magic 52

Dina V. is an Energy Therapist and Intuitive Healer. Also a certified Reiki Master, Lymphatic Drain Massage Therapist and Yoga teacher (Eastern Indian & Asia forms) and Aromatherapy and Crystal Practitioner. As an Energy Therapist, Dina intuits blockages in the energy fields of the body and utilizes different Alternative Healing modalities, including: Ancient Esoteric Techniques, Tao Healing, Chakra Balancing (Vedic and Universal Systems) and Lymphatic Drain Massage to open blockages and restore balance. Dina also uses Aromatherapy and Crystals in her work. In a one on one session, Dina strives to bring forward issues residing in any of the three major energy bodies: Physical, Mental/ Emotional and Spiritual for release, deep healing and to restore mind/ body balance.  Dina is also the acclaimed author of the book “How to Understand Energy and Make it Work for You.”

When reading at events, Dina is a natural and highly skilled Intuitive, using several fun and beautiful Tarot decks included the Ascended Masters Deck, Archangel Decks, Isis deck, Color Oracle Deck, Goddess Deck and Rose Deck.  Clients can also choose a psychic intuitive Energy Reading, Dina will access your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, intuiting issues manifesting or not manifesting in their lives, with explanations and how to bring about a better balance and well being!  Plus she may just channel a direct message for you from your guides!

Readings with Jen R.

Jenn R.

Jen is an Intuitive and Clairvoyant who uses a unique blend of tarot and astrology in her readings to gain insight into her clients. She is also an energy worker, certified health coach, and holistic nutritionist.  Jen has also led full moon and new moon meditations and spiritual awakening workshops. She is also heavily involved in the beauty industry and has an extensive celebrity clientele.


When reading at events, Jen works off of a variety of decks, her favorites being: Ryder Waite, Botticelli, (unique deck which provides clients with uncanny images of the situations at hand with a Renaissance twist), Wild Unknown, Angel Medicine Cards, Hanson Roberts, and Aquarius Deck.  Readings include: Classic tarot readings, Natal chart readings, A blend of astrological and tarot reading combo, Unique yearly reading based on a blend of astrology and tarot and she is also able to read off of photographs, birthdays, numbers and hands.

Readings with Kisha M.

Kisha Milling Legit C HI RESKisha is an intuitive divination reader and entertainer. A natural born storyteller and empath, Kisha has studied many traditional forms of divination and uses her extensive knowledge of the chakra system, crystals, aromatherapy, the divine feminine, Jungian archetypes, and fairy-elemental energies to give modern, highly accessible, and fun readings. She uses astrology, Hawaiian, Hindu, Celtic, and Afro-Caribbean mythology as well as modern stories, films, and books as a basis to connect and translate to her guests on a deeper level. Her goal with every reading is to demystify, empower, and ignite the passion of her guests while giving them a very personal and positive experience.Kisha is a professional film and TV actress, face and body painter as well as balloon artist. She works incredibly well with adults and children of all ages and brings positive energy, playfulness, and a little magic to all events.

One of Kisha’s favorite divination tools are tarot and oracle decks. She uses gorgeous cards with powerful meanings such as: The Animal Spirit Tarot, The Moon Deck, Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle, Fairy Oracle, The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle, Goddess Oracle, The Wild Unknown and Ryder-Waite Decks. Other readings include: palmistry, palm-tarot combined, candy or chocolate divination (client chooses a sweet and gets a fabulous personality reading based off of their choice), and dream interpretation.




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